The tension between British middleweights Luke Barnatt and Scott Askham reached boiling point last evening at the ACB 70 weigh-ins.

Barnatt, who came to the weigh-ins suited, looked cool calm and collected as he and Askham went toe-to-toe one final time before their fight this evening.

After a brief a staredown where the two smiled and trash talked at one another, both men spoke to ACB play-by-play commentator Bryan Lacey.

“There’s going to be ten times more support than this tomorrow night,” Askham said.

“All the talking is done now. We made weight and we are going to fight now and that’s it.”

Barnatt then spoke and he kept it.

“Scott put it best, all the talk is done,” Barnatt said.

“Now, in front of his friends and family, I’m going to knock him out.”

Barnatt then walked off and smiled at Askham and that was that. It’s now all eyes on the Sheffield this evening to see who wins the “Battle of Britain.”