WATCH: Amazing video of Bruce Lee’s only ‘real’ fight ever recorded is going viral

Bruce Lee moves like lightening in the video that is being shared as being the only real recorded fight of his, proving again why Lee was the best.


Considered one of the most influential martial artistes of all time, Bruce Lee hardly requires an elaborate introduction. Often deemed as a martial art icon across the world who even extensively influenced pop culture in the 20th century, Lee’s athleticism was beyond compare. He is also credited as the founder of the martial art – Jeet Kune Do, that was intended to be fast and fluid. Recently a recording of one of Lee’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with his students was uploaded on Youtube.

Restored by Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central, this video is being shared with the claim that it is the only real fight of Lee that was ever recorded. In the video, one can see two men clad in a dark paddling and gear, and while his student tries to attack him, Lee continues to deflect. In fact Lee’s athleticism and fluidity are wonderfully exhibited as he moves almost like a lightening.