UFC 217 fight week produced some crazy moments, but perhaps one of them that slipped a little under the radar was Cody Garbrandt appearing to admit that TJ Dillashaw had shown the rest of Team Alpha Male how to use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

The moment came during the pre-fight press conference when TJ Dillashaw was asked to comment on Chris Holdsworth’s accusations earlier in the week that he’d previously used “Special supplements.”

Dillashaw sarcastically denied the accusations, but then Garbrandt interjected into the conversation stating:

“You were the one that showed everyone how to do it on Team Alpha Male”

The comment was lost in the chaos of fight week, but speaking yesterday on ‘The MMA Hour’ the founder of TAM Urijah Faber addressed the comments made by Garbrandt.

“As far Cody saying the steroid thing etc, these are conversations that, and I’ve heard conversations that have gone in between, you know, within the team, that I wasn’t a part of, so I can’t say my thing about it. If you guys want to know the details about what Cody is talking about, you’re going to have to get that from him because, you know, I was kinda the patriarch of the team so if something is shady is going on, no one would tell me about it.”

While not willing to comment on what Garbrandt had said, Faber did admit he was concerned at something of things he’d heard.

“I’ve heard some things that have made me lose some respect, absolutely, but it’s not my place to say about conversations that were had or things that were said or things that were done when I wasn’t actually there in the know, you know.”