The tension between Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson is rising by the day and it hit boiling point last evening on UFC Tonight.

Speaking via satellite, Ferguson and Lee went back and forth yet again in a discussion hosted by Kenny Florian and UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier. This time, it was Ferguson who left Lee speechless.

“I’m battled tested, you’ve seen all my wars,” Ferguson said. “You haven’t bled as much as I have in battle. You got your ass kicked and you’re fighting nobodies. I’m fighting guys Edson Barboza. I’m fighting guys like Rafael dos Anjos.

“You are saying that I fought an unjuiced dos Anjos? Are you off the juice Kevin?”

There’s a YouTube video out there with you injecting growth hormones and you got bumps all over your Stomach. You know what I did? I imagines you were a hundred times the size when I was training for you. I made sure that, I basically just got out of a hyperbolic time chamber when I was there in Big Bear.”

Ferguson then sent a clear warning to Lee ahead of their fight on Saturday:

“You have no idea that kind of person that I am or what you’re dealing with dude,” Ferguson said. “You can talk as much as you want, but at the end of the day I’m going to TF you.

“That’s a ‘Technical Fault’… that’s a Tony Ferguson f***ing finish. You’re done son.”

Lee said he had no response.