Tim Kennedy has never been one to hold his tongue and this week he’s had his say on UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

Kennedy, now retired, beat Bisping back in April 2014 when he won via a unanimous decision back at The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale: Bisping vs. Kennedy. Having had his hand raised against the man three years ago, speaking to Submission Radio this week, Kennedy said he still couldn’t quite believe that the Brit was a UFC champion.

“It really does chap my hide that Michael Bisping is the champion,” Kennedy said. “It’s almost like a burp that you just can’t get out, like a splinter that’s underneath your fingernail and you just can’t get to it, or you know like when you get a whiff of something? Like, you scratch something with your finger and then you smell it and then you’re like, ‘Oh man, that stunk,’ but then you smell it again?

“That’s what it’s like with Michael Bisping being the champion, where it’s irritating and it kind of stinks and it kind of hurts, but not in a way like you have chlamydia for a year, more like just a UTI the next day.”

Despite his disdain at Bisping being the champion, Kennedy didn’t commit to making a return to solve the problem himself.

“So I don’t know what I’m gonna do about that guy,” Kennedy said. “You know, he’s fighting Georges St-Pierre who’s been retired for like, whatever, like 13 years or something. And then he fought like a 50-year-old man before that. I can’t even keep track of the nonsensical title defences that he’s had.

“He hasn’t fought a contender yet since he beat Luke Rockhold – which was fantastic, I don’t wanna take that from him because that was brilliant, but damn… Michael Bisping is the champion right now.

“I just can’t say that out loud without cringing.”