It’s not often you see three knockouts the quality as the ones featured on the BAMMA 31 main card last evening, let alone three fights in a row.

If you missed the action from the SSE Wembley Arena don’t worry. Here are the three KO’s

3. Aaron Chalmers Leaves Alex Thompson Cold

Chalmers lands a right hand early on but eats a counter for his troubles. They then throw hands trying to gauge their distance. Chalmers then steps in with a flurry and connects with a massive left hand and follow up right to send Thompson to the canvas unconscious! What a finish!!!

2. Alex Lohore Knees Nathan Jones To Hell

Lohore pressures early and backs Jones up against the fence. There’s a brief pause for an unintentional headbutt but the fight restarts in the middle of the cage. Both throw heavy but fail to land and Jones then trips Lohore to the mat. Jones looks to advance in Lohore’s guard and he pierces through after landing a volley of ground and pound. Lohore makes it back to his feet but eats a solid knee as he does. Lohore then presses Jones against the cage but Jones retaliates with another nice trip. With the round coming to an end the fight makes it back to the feet. Lohore breaks away from Jones, lands a big right hand and then follows up with a flying knee that puts Jones to sleep! WOW what a finish!

1. Shipman Hits The Jackpot With Spinning S***

Shipman catches Bahati early on with a left hand that Bahati acknowledges with a nod. Shipman then lands a series of knees to the midsection and pushed Bahati against the cage. Bahati then lands a nice right hand of his own but Shipman circles away well and the two end up clinched against the cage. Shipman takes him down and smothers him on the ground. He gets lucky to get away with a warning as he knees Bahati borderline illegally as he gets up from the mat. Round one to Shipman.

Bahati has a better opening to round two and starts aggressively with Shipman on the backfoot. Bahati is bleeding from the right eye but it doesn’t seem to be obstructing his vision and he’s still landing some big shots. Shipman now gets warned for running and he eats another right hand and has a takedown stuffed. Bahati then on top of him on the mat. Bahati stays there for the rest of the round and the tide appears to be turning.

Round three begins and it looks like it’s Bahati in control. Out of nowhere Shipman then lands a spinning backfist and knocks Bahati out clean to the canvas. We have a new BAMMA middleweight champion – Mike Shipman.