The Lingerie Fighting Championship Highlights Are Pretty Sexual


Women like Gina Carano, Megumi Fujii, and Svetlana Goundarenko put their well-being on the line to fight at a time when there wasn’t any money or fame in it. It was all about the love of combat.

They were the pioneers and trailblazers of women’s MMA, and without these brave women we’d never have The Lingerie Fighting Championship, so we’re forever in their debt.
he Lingerie Fighting Championships is a combination of pro-wrestling, burlesque, and a little bit of MMA thrown in for good measure. Lingerie Football laid the groundwork, and this was the next logical step. They’ve already put on twenty events.

“Lingerie Fighting Championships was founded by Roni Taylor after seeing two ring girls get into a fight at an MMA event and realizing the audience was more interested in that fight than any of the real fights. She runs the league with an iron fist and recruits only the hottest girls to fight for her.” – LFC’s website.