The first ever no-touch KO in MMA


We MMA fans have seen pretty savage s**t in the cage. Bone breaks, fighters puking their way to a TKO loss, exploding ears, fighters soiling their pants; MMA never fails to deliver when it comes to grant us WTF moments. Albeit those instances are rare, they do happen from time to time and yet, I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen what is about to follow.

What can only be described as a no-touch KO happened this past week at an XFC event in Australia for the first time in MMA history, and no, it didn’t involve a 25th dan Secret Ninjutsu ‘Grand Master’ awkwardly mimicking Street Fighter moves. The first ever no-touch KO in MMA history happened during a very real, non-staged MMA fight.

Middleweight fighters James Vake and Michael McDaniel were set to go at it this past week at an XFC event in Australia. Vake, with the blue gloves, lands a lovely body-lock takedown 45 seconds into the first round after having been outclassed on the feet and immediately takes his opponent’s back and secures a tight body triangle. He’s now looking for the rear-naked-choke. McDaniel manages to escape it and spins around to land in Vake’s closed guard, not without struggle.

Vake goes for the armbar but McDaniel slams his way out of it! The fight is intense. McDaniel, the most succesful striker so far, wants the fight to reset on the feet. He walks back towards the cage and…