What a crazy few days it’s been for UFC welterweight, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Hot on the heels of his fantastic win over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 217 last Saturday, Thompson woke up on Wednesday morning to find the world telling him that he would be fighting Darren Till in the UK in February. After hours of the story blowing up across social media, Thompson’s team were able to get the message out to the world that they knew nothing about the fight and that on their part there was no interest to making it happen.

Speaking to Kendrick Johnson and Matthew Wells on the Slip n’ Dip podcast last evening, Thompson explained what happened yesterday from his perspective.

“I literally woke up this morning and my phone was blowing up and I was like—what is going on right now?” Thompson said. “I look up and everyone is like ‘You’re fighting Darren Till, you’re fighting Darren Till, you’re fighting Darren Till,’ and I’m just like no man, no one has come to me about fighting no Darren Till.

“I look up and it said that Dana White said this and that, but I think what happened is, I think he wants the fight to happen, but I think that one of the media guys had put it up as if Dana White had said that it was actually going to happen, but nah, I didn’t hear a dang thing man.”

Thompson went on to explain that a fight will Till isn’t of interest to him. As far as he’s concerned, he’s only interested in fighting the the men close to a title shot and that involves keeping a close eye on next months’ fight between Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos.

“To be honest with you I wasn’t even looking at Darren Till,” Thompson said. “Darren’s ranked like #8 or #9 I think? I just got done fighting #4 so why would I go back even further and fighting the #8 ranked guy.

“It just doesn’t make sense at this point in my career. It just didn’t make sense.”

“I was looking at RDA or Lawler which I think would be awesome. It is what it is. Sometimes they jump gun on things, but that’s not the case.

“That definitely isn’t happening you know what I mean.”

Whilst he’s not keen to fight Till now, Thompson said that he could see the fight happening one day down the line. For the minute though, a fight with the Liverpudlian is definitely not on his radar.

“I agree, I think one of these days it could possibly happen because he’s tough man,” Thompson said. “He went out there and dismantled Donald Cerrone, but the other three guys he fought, I don’t even know who they are. Coming up in the welterweight division is like a murderers row man. I fought Jake Ellenberger, Robert Whittaker, Johny Hendricks, Rory MacDonald, I worked really hard to get where I am and I fought some really tough guys.

“You got a lot of new guys coming up now who beat one big name guy and who expect to get a title shot.”

“Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way and sometimes guys are using tactics like talking a lot of trash and things like that, but hey, it’s get good fights sometimes to be honest with you. For me, I worked really hard to get where I am and at this point it just doesn’t make sense at this point in time for me. I just fought the #4 guy so it makes no sense for me to go back and fight the #8 guy. I might as well fight the number #25 guy you know.”