Fighting one of your idols is a tough thing that some fighters have to do, but fighting one of your idols in the knowledge that if you win they could lose their job, is really something else. This is the tough scenario Sam Alvey faces this Saturday when he takes on former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans at UFC Fight Night 114 in Mexico City.

Evans has lost his last three fights and hasn’t recorded a win since November 2013. A loss to Alvey on Saturday night could be the last nail in the coffin Evans, but speaking to exclusively to earlier today, Alvey wasn’t quite so sure the UFC would part ways with the FOX Sports analyst.

“I don’t think he’ll get cut, he’s just too much of a personality,” Alvey said. “He’s my favourite analyst by the way, hands down, he’s my favourite. He might fight less, he might fight one or two more fights and make them favourable matchups.

“I will beat Rashad, but I hope he doesn’t get cut because he’s too good to be cut.”

While he may be going out 100-percent to win this Saturday, Alvey’s respect for Evans is unquestionable. The former MFC champion went as far as saying that Evans was one of his favourite fighters ever and that fighting him was going to be a real honour.

“This is a dream fight for me because I’m such a big fan of Rashad,” Alvey said. “I’ve always said that Anderson Silva is my favourite fighter ever and Rashad is number two. I’ve always been a big fan if his personality and the way he just moves and grooves when he’s fighting. I consider myself very, very lucky to have had it offered to me.”

Alvey comes into the bout off a loss himself having been defeated by Thales Leites at UFC Fight Night 108. Prior to that, the ginger-haired middleweight had put together a great run with wins over Eric Spicely, Kevin Casey, Alex Nicholson and Nate Mardquardt breaking him into the top-15 of the 185-pounds division.

Unfortunately for Alvey, he suffered an ankle injury during his training for his showdown with Leites and the Brazilian only made things worse during the opening exchange of the first round when he kicked his ankle full force. For weeks after, Alvey was forced to sit on the sidelines and recover but he says now he’s back to full fitness.

“I never notice it anymore,” Alvey said. “I took all the medicine that I needed and I can walk, run and jump now. My ankle is no concern to me whatsoever. I’m very thankful for that because it really sucked for awhile.

“I have to admit I was surprised that I got the offer for the fight when I did. I have a record of not turning fights down.

“I wasn’t even medically cleared when I got offered this fight, but I said ‘Yeah lets do it’ and here we are now.”

Earlier this year, Alvey revealed on his P4P podcast that he and his wife McKey are in the process of adopting a child from Africa. With three kids already, a fourth child coming later this year, Alvey’s hoping to pick up a nice bonus this weekend to keep the cash coming in. He also still has one eye on breaking the ‘Most fights in a 12-month period in the UFC’ record that he tied in April.

“I’m hoping it all ends this Saturday with me getting my hand raised and a big bonus,” Alvey said. “I still want that record and I want to break all the records in the UFC. I’ve tied the record and that was hard to do, but I still want to do it. The way I’m looking at it is, now is August, there’s fourth months after when I can fight another three or four times. If the UFC will allow me to do, I want to do it.”