Sam Alvey is one of the busiest fighters on the UFC roster and it appears that he could be fighting a UFC legend next.

Speaking exclusively to, Alvey revealed that his callout of Vitor Belfort hadn’t fallen on deaf ears and that the Brazilian had accepted his challenge.

“I keep telling the UFC that I want the Vitor fight and the UFC keep saying ‘Not yet’,” Alvey said. “But I’m going to keep bugging them and I know Vitor is doing the same thing. It’s going to happen. I like my Vitor callout and I think it makes sense. We’re both coming off big wins and I think it sells.”

“I know Vitor is 100-percent on the same page and he also wants the fight.”

“My management and his management have talked and we’re both going to keep pushing for it. They can only say no for so long, but right now I think they’re focused on match other guys up first. We’re sending them e-mails and calls every couple of weeks just telling them we’re ready.”

Having had six fights in a year, being side-lined until 2018 isn’t something Alvey is used to. Stepping in as a late replacement is something he’s very willing to do and he’s made the UFC aware that they can call him on just 24-hours notice.

“It sounds like they want to start looking for a fight for me in January,” Alvey said a bit glumly. “I hate having time off, but I understand it. They’ve got a roster of like 600 fighters and they’ve been very good to me over the past for years giving me fights.

“I’m training still though and I’m helping Sean [Strickland] prepare for his fight. I’ll be ready to go so if they have an injury or an opening, they know they can call me a day before a fight and I’ll be there.”

A few dates that Alvey is keeping his eye on are the October 29 and November 25 events in Sao Paulo and Shanghai. Both currently have middleweight headliners and if any of the fighters in the Derek Brunson vs. Lyoto Machida or the Anderson Silva vs. Kelvin Gastelum fight pull-out, Alvey says he’s more than game to step in.

“I would also like to fight Kelvin Gastelum or Anderson Silva,” Alvey said. “Silva is actually on my list for my vengeance tour so that would be a huge fight. If either one of those guys pull out of that fight I’m ready to step in.

“I beat Rashad, now there’s Vitor, Anderson, Machida and then Bisping. Mousasi was on the list but then he changed promotions. I’m excited to see Brunson vs. Machida and it’s another that I’m happy to step in for if something happens to one of them before the fight.”

While he may be side-lined until the new year, Alvey is going to keep himself busy. The UFC middleweight travelled to Iraq earlier this year to visit the troops and he’s already got another visit planned, this time in Europe.

“I’m going overseas on another MVP Sports tour and helping the military tour in November,” Alvey said. “The first trip I did to Iraq was awesome. I was there for like nine or ten days and we travelled around from base-to-base-to-base and we got to hang out with a lot of them.

“Now I’m going to go to southern Europe to Italy, Spain and Portugal. I signed up as fast as I could.”