It wasn’t always pretty, but Sam Alvey got the job done last evening against Rashad Evans at UFC Fight Night 114 in Mexico City.

After a slow paced, plodding back-and-forth battle, Alvey rightfully got the nod on the scorecards via split decision after stuffing the majority of Evans’ takedown attempts and nailing him with some crisp counter knees.

Aside from one sweet right hand in the third round, the ginger-haired middleweight landed the hardest shots of the contest, but Alvey’s tentativeness combined with Evans’ ineffectiveness made for a forgettable affair that the Mexican fans last evening certainly didn’t appreciate.

That said, a win is a win if you are the man that got his hand raised and despite being spurned the opportunity to speak on the microphone afterwards, Alvey got the chance to speak with MMA Junkie and the rest of the press backstage.

During his scrum interview, Alvey admitted he was a little shy on the trigger, but he had a special call out for a certain Brazilian legend, Vitor Belfort.

Hat tip to MMA Junkie for the video. You can find all their backstage interviews from last evening HERE