Paul Daley might be avoiding a fight with Michael ‘Venom’ Page, but Rory MacDonald appears to be more than game to take on the British welterweight.

MacDonald yesterday took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and the former UFC title contender pulled no punches with his answers. Fans from across the world sent the question into MacDonald and the “The Red King” took time out of his day to his day to answer as many as possible.

One of the fans (username: TVL_TVL) asked:

“Good afternoon Red King!!!! When do u think you and MVP will go 2 war?” 

MacDonald responded by saying:

“It will happen in 2018”

This will no doubt be music to the ears of Page who is expected to next fight in October when he makes his professional boxing debut in London. Page hasn’t fought under the Bellator banner since November 2016 when he Fernando Gonzalez at Bellator 165.

The Londoner remains a perfect 12-0, but has had a frustrating year with a knee injury that kept him out with a scheduled against Derek Anderson at Bellator 179 in London on the night that MacDonald defeated Daley.

Further on the in the AMA, MacDonald made some interesting claims in regards to Robbie Lawler and their fight at UFC 189 in July 2015.

User CCZZRR asked MacDonald:

“Do you think Robbie Lawler was on PEDs when you fought?”

MacDonald responded with an eye-opening response:

“I’m convinced he was”

The Bellator welterweight kept his answers short and sweet throughout, but he revealed the following:

  • He thinks PED users are “Cringey”
  • He think he’s the best fighter in the world
  • He wouldn’t consider fighting Gabi Garcia
  • He believes the likelihood of a fight with Gegard Mousasi is “High”
  • He believes he would “Submit or KO” Tyron Woodley
  • He would fight Chael Sonnen
  • He moved to Bellator because of the money
  • His proudest career moment was fighting for the UFC title
  • He would Stockton Slap Brock Lesnar for $800
  • He thinks Jon Jones is “Shameful”

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