Richard Kiely is a man who’s made a big splash in BAMMA since his debut in December 2016, so much so that he’s actually got the new BAMMA welterweight champion calling him out.

Alex Lohore defeated Nathan Jones this evening at BAMMA 31 with a beautiful flying knee knockout in the second round. Speaking in the cage afterwards, Lohore didn’t mess around setting up who he would like to fight next:

“There’s an Irish kid who’s been running his mouth. November, he’s an Irish kid, I’m gonna go out there and shut him up. BAMMA get that sorted.”

Kiely, who was at home watching on TV, contacted and gave this assessment of Lohore’s performance.

“He got lucky,” Kiely said. “Nathan ducked into the knee. It wasn’t any skill from Alex “The Bore” Lahore. He’s about two speeds slower than me and definitely doesn’t hit anywhere near as hard.

“I’m actually fairly sure it wasn’t the knee that did it, I think Nathan fell asleep out of boredom and Alex is claiming it. He’s the opposite of Alexander ‘The Great’ … he’s ‘Alexander The Absolutely Awful’.”

Suffice to say, Kiely is more than happy to take up Lohore’s invitation and fight on BAMMA 32 on November 10.

“As soon as he proves he’s not all mouth and actually signs the contract, then he’s just signed himself up to the shortest world title reign in BAMMA history,” Kiely said.

“He’s going to get a complimentary chin reconstruction from the face of BAMMA.”

Kiely isn’t a man short of confidence and he’s certain that he will take Jones’ newly won BAMMA title. He thinks if the two go toe-to-toe he will be making it three wins and three finishes.

“I see him doing what everyone else tries to do when they fight me,” Kiely said. “He’ll be trying to hit shadows and will turn to spooning tactics as soon as I land a jab. Unfortunately for him I’ve a low tolerance for boredom so will be knocking him out quickly.

“I’m going out tomorrow to buy a new pair of trousers to go with that shiny new belt I’ll have in November. My only hope is that ‘The Bore’ Lohore doesn’t follow in everyone else footsteps and turn into a hide and seek champion after his big talk on TV. I’ll seen you Dublin.”

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