Poland’s premier MMA promotion KSW will arrive on Irish soil for the first time this Sunday and Irish light heavyweight, Chris Fields, is set to feature.

Fields has a torrid time of late with no few than seven bouts cancelled in and amongst one win and one loss since June 2015. Having not fought since February 2016 when he beat Dan Konecke at BAMMA 24, Fields today explained how he got the opportunity to fight on the KSW 40 fight card coming up this Sunday.

“I had a run of crazy bad luck and I ended up on the shelf for a long time,” Fields told MMAUNO.com earlier this evening. “I was technically signed to Bellator because I was signed for the Bellator Belfast card, but they didn’t seem to be booking me. I spoke to them about the upcoming Dublin card, but they said that they didn’t know if they were going to be able to get me a matchup.

“I started looking elsewhere and obviously KSW had this show coming up in Dublin and they expressed an interest. I explained this to Bellator and they seemed ok with it. It just suited everyone.”

Learning something new every day

Despite having spent a long time on the sidelines, Fields explained that he’s used his time wisely and that he had focused on improving all aspects of his game. He says that on Sunday night, he could surprise some people with his improvements.

“To be honest, all the time off has been a positive for me in some ways,” Fields said. “I think on Sunday it’s going to be a whole new guy that people see. I’ve been able to hone on a few things in my skillset and improve them drastically.

“Thing has changed for me a lot outside of the cage as well. In that time I had a son, I opened a gym so a lot has changed in that timeframe. With opening, people automatically think that means I have less time for myself, but it’s actually been the opposite and it’s helped out a lot. Before I was doing teaching PT’s on the move so I was travelling all over the place. Now I’ve got a base and my gym is just up the street from me so I’ve got a lot more time to focus on myself now.

“It’s made a real difference for my training and I think it’s allowed me to make some serious improvements.”

The Dependables

One of the areas Fields feels he’s improved the most is his grappling and BJJ. Having opened up SBG Swords alongside Tom King, Fields explained that he’s been training with one of the best black belts in Ireland day-in, day-out and that he’s taken a lot from spending more time with him.

“I have Tom King at my gym who’s one of the top black belts in Ireland,” Fields said. “It’s basically like I’ve had him on hand everyday to learn off and improve my grappling. I think my ground game has taken a great leap, but it’s not only been Tom who has been helping me.

“James Webb is another guy, he’s an upcoming middleweight from Colchester. He stays over here and fights out of SBG Swords. Kieran Davern is fast becoming one of the most talked about grapplers in Ireland and he’s winning all sorts of tournaments over here and should be getting on Polaris soon. Phil Mulpeter, everyone knows him. Brian Lee, there’s just a ton of people always here at my beck and call.

“Everyone has always been There for me when I need them and they’ve been one the ones that have helped me improve so much.”

(Photo: Courtesy of KSW)

Scouting Fijalka

Fields takes on Michał Fijałka (16-6-1) on Sunday night and he’s not expecting it to be an easy night. The Pole is coming off the back a win against Marcin Łazarz, but is yet to record a win under the KSW banner. Both men have a lot to prove on Sunday and this hasn’t been lost on Fields.

“My team have checked him out for a me a bit and so have I,” Fields said. “As my career has gone on a bit though, I’ve done it a bit less as I have such a good bunch of guys around me, they focus on the different aspects of his game and help me prepare for that.

“From what I’ve seen, I feel like his style suits mine well. He’s dangerous, but he’s got a plodding style and I don’t think he’s the best in the clinch. I don’t think his ground game is as dangerous as it would’ve been to me a few years ago.

“I’ve seen that he likes to throw the left hook and I’ve been caught with silly stuff like that in the past so I’ll try and avoid that.”

(Photo: Courtesy of KSW)

Never change 

Despite making all the improvements he has done, Fields promises that his desire to finish as fight hasn’t. He says that on Sunday night he’s going to be doing everything he can to not leave the result up to the judges.

“I’ve sharpened up a lot, but I’m never going to change what I am–a f***cking lunatic.”

“I’m never afraid to put it all on the line and that’s been the story of my career. There have been fights where I’ve lost where I could’ve easily coasted to a win and I’ve chased the finish.

“That’s never going to change, because that’s just the way I am–I always want to finish.”

“I’ve improved, but I always like to win without going to a decision because I always feel like they’re draw. It’s just one way with me–finish or be finished and that’s going to happen on Sunday night.”

Why he fights

The past two years have given Fields plenty of time to reflect on his career which began all the way back in 2008. Why he fights and what he wants to achieve still has been on his mind recently and he tried to put into words what it is that makes him still get in the cage.

“I just posted about this today on social media….

“Someone asked me a question about this recently–why do I fight? I struggled a little bit to explain it to be honest. I gave a badly prepared answer to be honest, but I’ve been thinking about it ever since, for like two months. Really what I came to was, that I just love all the aspects of fighting. I love training, I love competition, and I love that feeling of being scared.

“I’m not one of these guys that says that I don’t get scared and that I don’t get nervous–I piss like 50 times before I fight.

“I just love everything about the life. The grind leading up to it, the comradery with the guys I train with, really just everything and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. In terms of goals I’ve set myself, I would love to be the KSW champion, but I want to be the champion of every organization I fight in. I also have a dream to fight in Japan, but for now, I’m just happy to be fighting and doing something I love.

“You lose when you get caught chasing things, so for the minute, I’m just loving what I’m doing here and now.”

(Photo: Courtesy of KSW)