It’s a been a while coming, but Reebok are finally revamping their UFC fighter kits range and fans will get a first glimpse of it all this weekend.

The six-year between UFC and Reebok was signed by in July 2015 and was believed to be worth $70 million. Things got off to a rocky start after short timescales meant that the first kits were rushed into production. Errors made on the kits and the general poor design irked the MMA community, but hopefully there are now signs of better things to come. reported this morning that there are going to be two fundamental differences to the new range.

The new ‘Fight Night Collection’ will replace the current ‘Fight Kits’ range and will be worn by every single UFC athlete who enters the Octagon. No further pictures have been released, but this picture shows the Fight Night Collection kit set to be warn by UFC strawweight, Claudia Gadelha.

OZY note that Reebok have listened to the flaws with the originals kits and have made changes to both the design and the materials used.


It’s believed that the current Reebok outfitting pay scale, which is determined by the UFC and not Reebok, is to remain the same.

Fighters with 1-5 bouts receive $2,500
6-10 bouts recieve $5,000
11-15 bouts recieve $10,000
16-20 bouts recieve $15,000
21 bouts and more receive $20,000
Title challengers get $30,000
Champions earn $40,000

Athletes also recieve 20-30% of the royalties from merchandise sold with their likeness e.g. if a Gadelha fight kit is sold for $50, Gadelha will pocket between $10-$15 from that sale.

The ‘exciting’ new development in the mix is the launch of the ‘Legacy Series’ which will give champions, challengers and headliners the option to co-design fight night walkout tops (examples below).

(Photo: – Legacy Series Shirts to be warn by Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg at UFC 215)

According to OZY, fighters will also receive royalties from the sales of these co-designed tops, but the UFC were not willing to comment on the actual percentage.

Whilst the new range opens up the opportunity for new creativity, there do still appear to be some issues. Johnson noted to OZY that he wanted to use his own logo, but if he did so it would mean he would forfeit his rights on the design to Reebok.

Bizarrely, it’s now just 5 days before the event, yet neither of these shits are on the store? 

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