Jeremy Stephens vs Gilbert Melendez opened up the UFC 215 main card and the writing was on the wall as early as the opening two-minutes.

Stephens attacked the legs of Melendez from the outset and he landed kick after kick as “El Nino” made little attempt to check them.

After two flush kicks found a home, Melendez’s shin swelled up instantly and commentator Joe Rogan described it as looking like “A rat was trying to get out of his knee.”

(Photo: Twitter)

Melendez was dropped to the mat time after time throughout the rest of the fight, but despite Stephens’ relentless attacks he somehow made it through the full 15-minutes.

Such was Melendez’s bravery, even Stephens himself took time to clap his opponent as he made his way back to his feet having been dropped to the mat for what must have been the tenth time late on in the third.

It was brave performance, but Melendez will no doubt be feeling the effects on Stephens’ kicks tomorrow morning.

Check out this ugly photo of Melendez’s leg after the fight.

It was great to see that there was still great respect between the two after the fight.