It was all eyes on Sochi, Russia this evening as SBG Ireland’s Peter Queally took on Islam Begidov in the co-main event of the evening at Fight Nights Global 72.

Queally walked into the bout coming off a two fight win streak and was looking to insert himself right into thick of the FNG lightweight title mix with another win over a Russian fighting on home soil.

With teammate Cian Cowley in his corner, Queally walked to the cage to the sound The Cranberries “Zombie”.

Queally was the much taller of the two fighters and looked liked on his feet as he looked to use his jab to paw into range.

The opening few minutes saw both men throwing single strikes and succeeding with the odd counter. Much of the opener was tentative but as the round came to a close both men closed the distance and exchanged at close quarters. Queally and Begidov managed to land the odd hard shot, but it was a tough round to score.

In round two they started where they left off in round one and both men exchanged leg kicks and jabs at close range. Queally looked to be taking control of the fight as he took the centre of the cage pushing Begidov back with his footwork and kicks, but the Russian relentlessly with a flurry of strikes and kept his output relatively even with the Irishman’s.

With both of the first two rounds relatively tight, Queally looked to take the initiative in round three and he was again the one who came out firing.

Begidov did well to evade his right hand on multiple occasions, but on occasion he ate a stiff leg kick for his troubles. With 90-seconds left, Queally continued to be the one taking the centre of the cage and pawing his jab out as he looked to land his right, but the Russian continued to be awkward and managed to move out the way of several of his attacks.

Begidov landed a thudding leg kick with a minute left but, Queally replied with a nice overhand right that rocked back the head of the Russian. The final few seconds saw neither man really finish the fight in a position of dominance. It was extremely close fight and it was left up to the judges to determine the winner.

After a brief pause, the result was announced and Begidov was announced the winner via majority decision.