Not even Hurricane Ophelia can is going to disrupt Paul Redmond’s preparations for his fight at KSW 40 this weekend.

Speaking exclusively to earlier today, Redmond described Ophelia as a “Light breeze” and said that it hadn’t affected him in any way leading up this his fight with Łukasz Chlewicki this Sunday.

With this being the Irishman’s first fight under the KSW banner, he described his current contract situation and explained that he still had ties with BAMMA.

“I’m still signed to BAMMA until early next year I think,” Redmond confirmed. “We were looking for a fight on the Dublin card, but I don’t think BAMMA had any spots available for me. I know they have only had a small number of spots available because it’s a co-promoted show with Bellator.

“I was looking to fight sooner rather than later, so when they offered me a spot on the Newcastle card it just didn’t really suit because that’s in December. I’m not injured and I’m trying to make a few quid, so when we heard KSW were coming here we got approached and BAMMA said it was ok no problem and that I could go talk to them.”

(Photo: Paul Redmond Instagram)

Just focusing on himself

When the discussion with KSW began, Redmond said that he didn’t take much notice of the name of the contract and signed it right away without looking much into his opponent, Chlewicki.

“When we started talking to them I just got told the name and asked whether I wanted to fight the guy,” Redmond said. “I didn’t know too much about him then and I still don’t know much about him now to be honest with you. I know he’s an ex-judo guy and that he’s fought some big names like Mansour Barnaoui, [Mateusz] Gamrot and even Demian Maia.

“He’s tough and he’s been around. I know he’s going to get stuck in from the start so I’m expecting it’s going to be a tough fight.”

“I don’t really watch footage anymore because I used to do it a lot and it used to stress me out a bit. My coach, Andy Ryan, does that stuff now so he will have me prepared for any sort of bits that he’s picked up. We’ve been drilling a lot of specifics in training and that, but I’m just going to go in there and do me and keep a high pace. I don’t think he’s going to be able to last in there with me.”

(Photo: Paul Redmond Instagram)

Carrying on his momentum

In his last fight, Redmond put in an impressive performance against former BAMMA champion, Rob Sinclair. After finishing the fight with a second round leglock submission, many were saying it was one of Redmond’s best performances in years and that he looked back to best.

“People know my style of fighting and they know I like to go in their and entertain the fans and jump on submissions,” Redmond said. “I’m really just looking to continue the momentum from my last two fights. I know I lost the decision to Norman [Parke], but I think that could’ve gone either way. It was a good fight and people said it was fight of the night and that.

“I was proud of my performance against Sinclair after that. He’s a former champion so it was good to finish him and perform like I did. I feel like I’m starting to share that ‘Former UFC 0-2 guy’ at featherweight and I feel like I’m really starting to get my rhythm back at lightweight.”


All options open

(Photo: Paul Redmond Instagram)

Any thoughts about what’s next after this weekend are seemingly the furthest things from Redmond’s mind. He’s focused on dealing with Chlewicki first and making it two wins on the bounce.

“I’m not focused on anything past this weekend, but I think there’s plenty of options out there,” Redmond said. “I was supposed to fight Daniel Weichel on the Bellator card last year, but unfortunately I popped my arm and that was that. The UFC isn’t the be all and end all. I would like to go back, but I’m happy fighting for whoever.

“I genuinely would love to fight top-ten guys and Bellator wouldn’t be a bad shout. KSW have put this in front of me, but I’m happy to fight on whatever show comes my way.”

Finishing the fight a priority

It should be a special atmosphere in the 3 Arena come fight night, but Redmond isn’t expecting the total support from the crowd. The Irishman is well aware that the Polish community in Dublin could come out in force, so he’s not expecting to get the full backing of those in attendance.

“I think it’s going to be a mixed atmosphere in there on Sunday to be honest,” Redmond said. “I think there’s a strong Polish community around here and I’m fighting a Polish guy on a Polish show. Common sense says that it should be more 50/50, but we will have to wait and see. I’m not worried about that at all though. I hope it’s just a great atmosphere on the night.

“I’m looking for a good solid win and I don’t want it going to the judges.”

“I want a submission or a good TKO/KO, but of course if it comes to it I will take the decision win. I think I’ve only ever been to the judges once and won, so I know I need to focus on putting this guy away and that’s what I’ll be doing on Sunday night.”

(Photo: Paul Redmond Instagram)