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We’re about to tick over into the final third of 2017 and with fourth months remaining, there’s still plenty of big fights left to go down in the UFC.

Here’s MMAUno.com’s ‘Top 5 Best UFC Fights Left In 2017’.

1. Tony Ferguson x Kevin Lee – UFC 216

An interim UFC lightweight title will be on the line on October 7 but Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee know there’s way more than just that on the line.

The winner of this fight should be the next in line to face the current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor when he returns later this year. There are no guarantees as far as that’s concerned, but one thing we can all rely on is this fight being dynamite.

Both Lee and Ferguson never take a step back and the promise of five rounds make it all the more mouth watering. This fight should be bananas.

2. Michael Bisping x Georges St-Pierre – UFC 217

First it was on, then it was off, now it’s on again. We all lost track of it at some point or other but it’s confirmed now that Bisping and GSP will throw down on November 4.

Bisping has been ridiculed for never defending his belt against the number one contender, but GSP isn’t exactly an easy task and he should pose the Brit plenty of problems when they meet under the bright lights of MSG.

The lead up to this one should be interesting. It always is when Bisping is involved.

3. Cody Garbrandt x T.J. Dillashaw – UFC 217

Just like the main event of UFC 217, this fight has been off just as many times as it’s been on.

Finally, it does appear that we will get to see Cody Garbrandt x T.J. Dillashaw having been denied the privilege at UFC 213 earlier this year.

Given the backstory to Dillashaw’s exodus from Team Alpha Male and Garbrandt’s vocal disliking of his former teammate, this one should provide fireworks.

4. Eddie Alvarez x Justin Gaethje – TUF 26 Finale 

Many hoped that Eddie Alvarez would rematch Dustin Poirier after their no contest at UFC 210, but when it was announced he would coach opposite Justin Gaethje on the latest season of TUF they were very few were arguing about it.

Gaethje’s debut had everything and his comeback from the brink of defeat will long live in the memory of all who watched it. That said, he probably won’t be afforded the same mistakes against Eddie Alvarez who is also known for being able to dish out the punishment as well as take it.

Let’s pray to the MMA Gods that this one stays together because it could be a FOTY contender.

5. Max Holloway x Frankie Edgar – TBD

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We were going by the rule that the fight has to be official to make the list, but Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar is 99% expected to feature on a card later this year.

Holloway won the title earlier this year when he defeated Jose Aldo and this was music to the ears of Edgar who was unlikely to ever get a third shot at the Brazilian.

Both Edgar and Holloway are two of the best at 145-pounds and while the shadow of a certain Irishman still looms large on the division, he looks unlikely to ever return to featherweight so this will be a legitimate fight between the #1 and #2 at that weight.

Fingers crossed we get the fight made official soon.

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