Who predicted Aaron Chalmers was going to do that last evening?

“Everyone loves a highlight reel knockout and I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I just think in this one you’re going to see a lot more of me this time.”

— Aaron Chalmers 09/09/2017

…. well if he was half right at least.

Ever since Chalmers’ MMA debut was announced earlier this year, he’s been the talk of the town when it comes to BAMMA.

The British promotion have some tremendous talent, a great of which was on show last evening at BAMMA 31, but when Chalmers is involved all media and attention diverts towards the reality TV star

There’s plenty of reasons for it–he’s got a charisma, he gives a good interview and let’s face it, in victory or defeat he’s going to be making headlines.

It just so happened that last night he won in 30-seconds and he didn’t just win, but he won in epic fashion with a 1-2 combination of hooks that sent his opponent Alex Thompson crashing to the mat with like a tree being hacked down at the base.

It was incredible as the SSE Wembley Arena went insane and it was one of the more lively times I’ve ever seen a London crowd reacting to an MMA show.

But now he’s 2-0, do the people who’ve ridiculed him throughout his MMA journey so far need to eat some humble pie?

I was all aboard the ‘It’s a publicity stunt’ train ahead of his debut and even after that with the weigh-in nonsense [which wasn’t his fault HERE], I still had my doubts as to whether we were dealing with a man who was just there for the publicity.

That all changed when I spoke to him ahead of this fight:

“I’ll be honest, I probably don’t deserve to be in BAMMA, well I don’t.”

“But what was I supposed to do when BAMMA came to me? Say no? I wanted to fight, so when BAMMA made an offer was I supposed to say no?

“I put myself on the big stage and I can fail.”

The argument his competition hasn’t been of any note is a point well made and it was something that he acknowledged in the cage after his defeat.

Fact is that he’s 2-0 and taking on guys that are probably about that level. Can anyone recall who Conor McGregor or Jon Jones beat in their second fight … I don’t. Throwing him to the wolves would make no sense for either his development nor does anyone really want to watch him get murdered on TV.

Chalmers could’ve showed up at a nightclub last night and been paid to schmooze and drink away his Friday night. Instead he stepped into a cage with another man and had a throw down and probably got paid far less.

What would’ve been the easier thing to do there?

Fellow fighters, I get it. It sucks seeing someone who hasn’t put in the work as much as you have get an opportunity ahead of you, but this happens in every walk of life whether it’s fighting, media or your average day job.

The fact is, the critics are always going to be but hopefully before they start with the negativity once again they can consider this is only a guy living his dream and doing something he wants to do.

A good man in the MMA game once said “I cannot hate a man who has the same dream that I have” and those are pretty apt words.

You don’t have to be a supporter, but respect at this point has been earned.

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