Daniel Cormier is the true UFC light heavyweight divison champion and there’s no denying it.

Last evening, it was reported on UFC Tonight that Cormier had been reinstated as the 205-pounds champion following the ruling by the California State Athletic Comission to overturn the result of his fight with Jon Jones at UFC 214 to a no contest.

As Cormier rightfully pointed out, if Jones had missed weight or been disqualified during the fight, he would’ve retained the title immediately. The he fact he was disqualified after the fact should not change the consequences.

This decision runs deeper than this though and it’s about what is actually the right thing to do. The removal of Jones now means Cormier is in a divison of fighters he’s already beaten or who are up and coming contenders. He’s already proven he can beat Gustafsson and he arguably retired Anthony Johnson, surely that enough to proves he’s the number one guy!?

The rest of pack needs to sort itself out and no doubt a true challenger will emerge to test Cormier’s position as the best light heavyweight in the world.

There are of course the softer reasons why Cormier getting his title back is the right thing to do. 

Outside of his pro-wrestling heel like antics to sell a fight, those who know the man will know he’s ones of the finest examples of a true mixed martial artist.

He’s a clean competitor, unbeaten aside from Jones, a family man, a good teammate, diligent on the microphone and overall just exactly the sort of man the UFC need holding one of their titles. 

Jones has the right of adjudication from USADA before we all throw the book at him again, but it’s not looking pretty for the for the UFC light heavyweight champion right now.

I hope for many reasons that his speech in the Octagon at UFC 214 where he said he wanted to be “more of a man like Daniel” is for real. By the looks of it, he’s a role model he needs to start acting like.