Jose Aldo is man destined for the UFC Hall of Fame and it’s going to be a very sad day when he decides it’s time to hang up the 4-oz gloves.

Ever since he entered the WEC in 2008, the Brazilian has been widely recognised as one of the best 145-pounds fighters on the planet and many believed until 2015 that he would remain the UFC featherweight until he retired.

His story and how he rose to the top of MMA having grown up in the poor area of Manaus, Brazil is both inspiring and heart-warming and few will forget the video released by the UFC before his fight against Mark Hominick at UFC 129 where he goes to buy his very first suit.

In 2011, the UFC crowned Aldo their first ever featherweight champion after the company purchased WEC where resided as their champion.

Aldo went on to defend his belt no fewer than seven times with wins over the likes of Chad Mendes (twice), Frankie Edgar, Chan Sung Jung and Kenny Florian taking his record to 25-1 and his unbeaten streak to 18 fights.

….then Conor McGregor came on the scene and mostly been downhill since then.

Check out Aldo’s timeline below and you’ll see that it’s not been a good time for the Brazilian in the past few years.Unfortunately, a lot of this was of his own doing and it’s shame that a career which once looked nearly perfect, is rapidly becoming the slow demise of a bitter former champion.

1June 30, 2015 – Aldo Pulls Out Of UFC 189

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After completing a world tour that touched down in multiples venues across the US, Canada and finally Ireland, Aldo pulled out of the UFC 189 main event less than two weeks before fight night citing a rib injury. McGregor went on to beat Chad Mendes for an interim featherweight title.

2December 12, 2015 – Aldo Knockout Out By McGregor in 13-seconds


After building up the fight for almost two years, Aldo was knocked out by McGregor after just 13-seconds of their unification title fight. The Irishman called his shot in the pre-fight build up and said that he’d get Aldo to over commit with a right hand. Exactly that happened on fight night and McGregor connected with a sweet counter left to leave him motionless on the mat.

Aldo’s dismay at the result was plain for all to see as he left the Octagon heartbroken and sobbed with his teammates in his dressing room after.

3February 29, 2016 – Aldo Turns Down Rematch With McGregor


Having implied to media in Brazil that he wanted an immediate rematch with McGregor, Aldo then turned down an offer to fill in as a late replacement for Rafael dos Anjos after he pulled out of his fight with McGregor at UFC 196.

Aldo spoke to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour and stated: “Any professional needs time to train,” Aldo said. “It’s not a cockfight where I go there and put my rooster to fight. It’s a high-level sport, I’m going there to do my job. When I have time to train, it can happen at any time, anywhere.”

4March 6, 2016 – Jose Aldo Taunts McGregor For Diaz Loss

(Photo: Aldo Twitter)

After turning down the opportunity to fight him, Aldo then proceeded to mock McGregor on social media after losing to Nate Diaz. The Brazilian labelled him a “p***” and said that he’d see him at UFC 200.

5April 6, 2016 – Aldo Claims McGregor Got ‘Lucky’

(Photo: ESPN)

After being defeated by McGregor, Aldo did very little press in the immediate aftermath but as the months ticked by, he began to open up more on what he made of the fight.

Speaking to ESPN, Aldo said: “Obviously, there was luck involved. He was lucky to get that shot in right away.

“If my punch would have landed a little lower, then he would have been the one on the mat. So there was definitely luck involved.”

6July 6, 2016 – Aldo Beats Frankie Edgar For An Interim Featherweight Title


Aldo returned to the cage at UFC 200 and he put on a fantastic performance to dominate Frankie Edgar over five rounds. Aldo won the fight (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) on the scorecards and took home an interim featherweight title.

7November 26, 2016 – Aldo Promoted To UFC Featherweight Champion


Less than a year after winning the belt, Conor McGregor was stripped of his UFC featherweight title and Jose Aldo was promoted to champion. The Irishman had failed to defend his belt a single time in the eleven months, but he had competed three times with two fights against Nate Diaz and then a fight against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 where he became the first ever simultaneous two weight UFC champion.

8December 21, 2016 – Max Holloway Claims Aldo Turned Down Multiple Fights With Him

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With Max Holloway quickly rising up the featherweight rankings many believed that a fight between the two would take place at the end of the year. Speaking to Fox Sports, Holloway explained that he pursued it, but that Aldo wouldn’t except two dates suggested by the UFC.

“He wants to talk about he never turned down an opponent in his life and he don’t pick his opponents,” Holloway said. “I can clearly — he said this, not me — he got offered to fight me. He got offered to fight me at (UFC) 205 and 206 and he would not fight me. He said he would rather fight Anthony Pettis and then he didn’t take that fight either.”

9June 3, 2017 – Aldo Defeated By Holloway At UFC 212

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Aldo started well in his fight with Holloway at UFC 212, but in the third round Holloway took over and defeated him by TKO in front of his own people. It was another devastating defeat but Aldo has vowed to return. He’s currently not booked to fight.

10June 26, 2017 – Aldo Mocks McGregor For Loss To Mayweather

(Photo: Ester Lin/Showtime)

Whilst the majority of UFC fighters rallied round their fellow fighter McGregor, Aldo and his fellow countrymen dos Anjos took the opportunity to rub salt in the wound. Just minutes after McGregor was stopped via TKO in the tenth round, Aldo tweeted out a message with just several laugh-crying emojis.