We are little over a week away until KSW 4o in Dublin, Ireland and the tension between Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot continues to rise.

KSW lightweight champion Gamrot won the first fight between the pair at KSW 39 earlier this year, but it wasn’t without controversy. A possible hand bite foul in the second round and a razor tight decision had Polish and Irish fans alike calling for a rematch. Both Parke and Gamrot’s camp have had plenty to say about the first fight since the historic KSW 39 event and one man who hasn’t been shy of a word is Gamrot’s training partner, Borys Mankowski.

A report in the Polish press this week suggested that Parke wouldn’t mind fighting Mankowski after he and Gamrot to settle their differences, and speaking to MMAUNO.com yesterday, the man from Bushmills, Northern Ireland explained where the feud originated from.

“I’ve got no real problem with him, but I just think he doesn’t like me because he’s looking out for his boyfriend Mateusz,” Parke said. “They train together, they are always with each other taking pictures, and I’ve even seen them in bed together. That’s kinda crazy to me, but if that’s their thing go for it.”

Parke then recalled a run-in at a KSW press conference in Poland a few weeks ago:

“At the last press conference, he [Borys] told me, ‘I don’t like you man’ and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘I don’t like you because you talked with Gamrot after the fight and then you went and talked s*** in the press about him.’ That’s totally wrong, what I said on the internet afterwards was exactly what I said to his face. He wasn’t even there for once. I told Gamrot to his face that I want to fight him again and that if he’s not a p**** he will accept a rematch.

“To be honest, I would fight Mankowski, he’s not exactly a big welterweight.”

“John Maguire should’ve just pushed forward a bit more, but he just hesitated a little bit. He then fought Mamed [Khalidov] and it was close, but whatever. I saw some people saying in the comments online that I should just worry about Mateusz first and that Borys would smash me in one round. They obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.

“Borys thinks Mateusz will knock me out, but trust me I’ll still be there at the end and then I’ll fight him.”