Mike “Platinum” Perry isn’t afraid to call his shot and he’s promising that at UFC Fight Night 116 in Pittsburgh he’s going to put an exclamation point on his performance when he defeats Thiago Alves.

Perry currently holds one of the most brutal knockouts of 2017 after he rendered Jake Ellenberger unconscious at UFC Fight Night 108 in April with a vicious elbow to the temple. On September 16, Perry will take on the former UFC welterweight title contender Alves and he’s promising fans that’s he’s going for another brutal knockout.

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Earning His Respect

Speaking exclusively to MMAUNO.com, Perry explained how the fight came about and what he’s expecting from his showdown with the Brazilian.

“It’s great to be fighting him, but I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter what name comes up on that contract,” Perry said. “It’s good for me that it’s a name that everyone recognizes because it gives me a prize aside from the money that I will win no matter who is.

“When it’s an opponent that people have respect for, that’s worth something because I can take that respect and earn it for myself. I’m looking forward to taking another step forward in proving how great I am to everybody. I want to be recognized as one of the greatest fighters and that’s the goal.

“When I knock Thiago Alves out cold people are gonna realize that this ain’t a game and give me my respect”

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His Respect For Alves

While he’s planning a brutal end for Alves on September 16, Perry has a lot of respect for the Brazilian. Alves was one of the men that Perry grew up admiring and he’s always had an appreciation for his aggressive fighting style.

“Here down in the South Florida, where he fights and trains out of, it’s close to where I am and where I grew up training,” Perry said. “I knew about him down in Coconut Creek since I was young boy and I always used to say ‘I wanna go down there and train with Thiago Alves.’

“I even had an amateur fight where my fight name was Mike ‘The Pitbull’ Perry”

“I used to look up to Thiago. When he wrote on Twitter that he’d like to fight me I was thinking wow man, that’s awesome. I’m really coming up in the world. These guys I grew up watching now respect me. I think Thiago is the type of fighter that when he see’s you winning and doing well, he wants to fight because he wants to fight the best.”

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When The Door Closes 

Perry has respect for Alves, but don’t be misled into thinking he will be approaching this fight any differently. He’s promising to be his usual ruthless self and he won’t be thinking about the respect he has for Alves when the cage door closes.

“I’m gonna be ruthless bro, I punch my friends in the face man,” Perry said. “That’s what I grew up doing and I ain’t got no love for nobody. It’s easy for me to let my hands go and cause damage and inflicting pain. God does that to the good people out here in the world.

“There’s something inside of me to not give a damn if I hurt you or not… I really don’t”

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The Gameplan Includes A Knockout

Both Perry and Alves are known for their finishing and Perry has finished all of his ten professional career wins via TKO/KO. It should be an explosive fight when the two clash inside the Octagon, but Perry is wary that Alves might try switch things up on him.

“Man, I’m hoping that it’s going to get a little crazy,” Perry said. “I’m hoping we meet out in the middle, plant our feet and throw some strikes. I’m betting he’s going to try and be smart and be calculated. He’s a little older and wiser these days so he might try sticking and moving.

“I’m going to hunt him down, get in his face, hit with some good shots and I’m expecting him to shoot for a takedown and try and get top position. He’s a black belt and he’s stocky and strong. He will stand and strike, but when he feels my power he’s going to be thinking he should take me down, but it’s going to be too late.”

“I promise devastation, destruction, disaster… I promise a knockout”

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