Michael Bisping is never short of a word or two for his adversaries and it appears that he isn’t going to be short of any advice for Georges St-Pierre ahead of their UFC 217 fight.

Bisping and St-Pierre clash in the main event of the UFC’s second ever fight card in Madison Square Garden on November 4. The two have already engaged in a press conference and several verbal exchanges building up the fight, but this past week on a media tour, Bisping had some very unusual advice for St-Pierre as they parted ways.

Bye George

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In the video, Bisping says to St-Pierre:

“Bye Georges, sweet dreams. Train hard, take steroids. Don’t get caught though… don’t get caught”

It was baffling exchange, but St-Pierre appeared to not take it to heard and laughed it off. No doubt there’s going to be further mind games between the pair as the fight draws closer.

St-Pierre has always been a strong advocate of the UFC’s anti-doping programme and cited it’s implementation was one of the main reasons why he chose to return to the UFC. Bisping meanwhile has fought several fighters in the past who have gone on to fail tests in the programme.