Michael Bisping is never afraid to put his opinion out there and this week on the ‘Believe You Me’ podcast he didn’t back down on a pretty sensitive subject.

A discussion began about Tyron Woodley when Bisping addressed the fact that Woodley had told the press last week that he was willing to step up and challenge either himself or Georges St-Pierre for the UFC middleweight title in the future.

As usual, Bisping got straight to the point.

“Here’s something you can’t take out of context, Tyron Woodley can kiss my arse,” Bisping said. “He’s constantly calling me out. Did you see that once again, Tyron Woodley saying yet again that he wants to step up and fight Michael Bisping. After the Demian Maia fight he was like, you know, ‘I’m out here, I’m fighting the best and we got Michael Bisping ducking the top contenders, faking a knee injury and avoiding Yoel Romero.’

“I’m not even going to go into how that’s wrong on many levels, but he did that then and once again after this fight he’s saying he wants to step up and fight me or GSP, and that’s fair enough, if he wants to do that, but it ain’t going to happen, let’s be honest.”

(Photo: Jim Edwards)

The UFC middleweight champion then quickly noted that he does have a lot of respect for Woodley and pointed out that he has a lot of good things going for him in his life right now.

“Yeah, I’ll be working with him this weekend and I’m trying to turn this into talking s*** about him, because I like Tyron, he’s a good guy,” Bisping said. “He’s funny and all this good stuff and you’re absolutely right, he’s got the world at his feet and he’s the champion of the world, he’s good looking, he’s athletic, he’s explosive and on top of all that he’s getting work in movies, he’s an actor, he does tons of work on Fox, he’s got a very, very busy workload.

“So I don’t why, you’re right he’s feeling a little sorry for himself because he was getting booed. In his last fight he was getting booed and he wasn’t happy about that, but he’s also getting put on the good fight cards. He fought on the same card as Conor [McGregor] at UFC 205, then he fought on the same card as Jon Jones. The guy has been on mega, mega fight cards and the bigger fight cards you’re on, you got to realize that you get a piece of the prize and part of the pay-per-view money as the champion. He’s been on a lot of these cards as well so he really doesn’t have anything to feel sorry about.”

Racism In The UFC

Then the sensitive subject of racism was brought up and co-host Luis J Gomez noted that Woodley had previously noted that the UFC welterweight champion had mentioned the issue existed in the UFC. Bisping said from that his point of view he didn’t believe that it did.

“Did he say that he feels that racism exists within the UFC? Because that’s a pretty strong quote and I’ll be honest, I can’t see that,” Bisping said. “Of course, I’m not black, I’m white, I’m English so you know, although these days white people seem to, we suffer from racism, it’s almost like it’s a sin to be white these and it’s like we’re over privileged because of colour of our skin.

“I’ve never experienced racism so I can’t empathise with him and I can’t put myself in his shoes. But I will go out on a limb and say, come on, the UFC want to put on the best fights and I don’t think that the colour of someone’s skin comes into it. Maybe I’m wrong!?”

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