It’s been a turbulent time for UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping lately, but his date with Georges St-Pierre now appears to be set in stone.

Less than a week ago, Bisping look to set to miss out on the opportunity to fight St-Pierre after UFC President announced during the UFC 214 pre-fight press conference that the winner of Demian Maia vs. Tyron Woodley would get the fight.

Bisping himself admitted on his Believe You Me Podcast’ last evening that he was under the impression that the fight between himself and the Canadian wasn’t going to happen.

“To be honest, Dana said at the press conference last week that ‘The Bisping-GSP ship had sailed’,” Bisping said. “When he said that I was like oh right fair enough. He said the winner of Woodley vs. Maia gets GSP and I was like oh right, whatever, it would’ve been nice and a bigger payday and all that stuff, but I was just mentally drained with it all.

“I was like f*ck it whatever, I’d already agreed to fight Robert Whittaker or Yoel Romero, whichever one of those guys won I’d agreed to fight so for me, I’d mentally moved on as well. I honestly had. Of course, I was still hoping for it, but I’d given up campaigning for several reasons, one, because it looked like it wasn’t happening because every time I spoke to Dana he just shot it down.”

While that may have been the case this time last week, things changed following Woodley’s widley criticised win over Maia. White then spoke to BT Sport backstage and announced he’d changed his mind and that Bisping vs. St-Pierre was now back on.

Bisping revealed how he found out himself after he’d finished his duties filming with FOX Sports that evening. The UFC middleweight champion also confirmed Ariel Helwani’s report later that night that the fight would take place at Madison Square Garden on November 4 at UFC 217.

“I start looking at Twitter as I’m walking to get changed out of my suit and Twitter is like going crazy and everyone is retweeting Dana saying at the press conference and I’m like what the f*ck,” Bisping said. “Then boom, I get a text from Dana saying call me. I’m like, woah f*ck, here we go. So I call him, but there’s no answer, so I’m thinking you know he’s probably still doing his interviews and what not .

“So I drive home and yeah, Dana calls, there you go, November 4, Madison Square Garden Michael Bisping vs. GSP for the third time.”

“After Dana had made it public, the amount of people texting me ‘congrats’, ‘amazing’ everyone is saying ‘congrats’ and I’m like what do you mean f*cking ‘congrats’. I appreciate the sentiment I really do, but I’m like I’ve been here three times [before with] people saying congrats for this fight which is yet to materialize.”