Mairbek Taisumov scored one of the knockouts of the evening last night at UFC Rotterdam and he didn’t mess around calling out another big name in the lightweight division.

Taisumov had previously spoke at length about his desire to fight Anthony Pettis and last evening he issued the challenge yet again to the former UFC lightweight champion.

“He don’t want that fight, yeah, maybe I’m not famous enough for this guy,” Taisumov said with a rye smile. “I want to fight this guy. Give me this fight. I want this fight.

“Give me Anthony Pettis”

The Russian had been out for a long time and hadn’t fought since April 2016. Last evening he explained that it wasn’t anything to do with injuries, but more waiting for the UFC matchmakers to offer him the right fight.

“I’m happy that I finally get back into the Octagon,” Taisumov said. “It was a long time that I didn’t fight–almost one and a half years without injuries. I was just training. I was hoping that I was going to fight soon, but it took so long. Finally I’m here and I get that win.”

One of the issues stopping Taisumov from fighting has been down to him not being able to get a visa to fight in the Untied States. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like that issue has been resolved.

“I cannot fight in the US, so I think I will be ready for October in Poland,” Taisumov said. “I have no injuries or anything. So nothing is stopping me.”

Despite his visa issues, Taisumov wants to be as active as possible and isn’t going to be content waiting around for the likes of Pettis to accept a fight with him. Taisumov wants action and he wants it as soon as possible.

“I will fight anyone, anyone, I don’t want to wait, anyone,” Taisumov said. “I’m not waiting for anyone so I don’t want to wait if Anthony Pettis [doesn’t want to fight]. Anyone in the top ten. If someone wants to fight, let’s do it. I don’t want to take such longer break now. It was a big pressure and I don’t want to wait to fight so long anymore.”

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