It’s been a crazy ten months, but all is right now in life of Lorenz Larkin.

The Californian was last seen in action back at UFC 202 last August when he beat the brakes of Neil Magny to win via TKO inside the first round.

After a period of free agency and not knowing what would be next for him, Larkin signed for Bellator NYC in March and not long after found himself booked to face Lima on the Bellator’s debut show in Madison Square Garden.

Speaking exclusively today to after the press conference, Larkin spoke about the journey he’d been through to get to Saturday night.

“I always knew I was going to continue fighting, but I wasn’t exactly sure where and I never thought it would be straightaway for a title,” Larkin said. “Yeah man, it was just like a whirlwind you know. I was limbo and I just didn’t know what I was doing. Now I’m here, my first fight in Bellator and it’s in Madison Square Garden for the title–it’s amazing.”

Having gone from obscurity to MSG in the space of three short months, Larkin feels that now is his time to shine and that his showdown for Douglas Lima on Saturday night is now the biggest fight of his life.

“This is it, this is one of the biggest stages I’ve ever fought on and I’m ready to get it done,” Larkin said. “This is for a title, a world title and that what’s we’re all doing this sport for. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, but I’m going out there to grab it with both hands. Who knows what I’m going to do on Saturday, I think that’s what makes my style so exciting. Fans can expect the same thing that I do every time I get in there–I’m going to fight my ass off and put on a show.”

While Larkin is focused on Lima for next few days, another man is already in his sights. Rory MacDonald’s recently saying that he intends to ‘Take the health,’ of the other Bellator welterweight division fighters didn’t sit well with Larkin. Suffice to say, he wants to be the one to make the Canadian eat his words.

“He’s just a f*cking robot,” Larkin said. “Who the f*ck says that type of corny s*it. I never really disliked the guy, we were cordial. But I dunno, I don’t do any of the s*it talking because I’m just real with it. I don’t know if it was for the cameras or he just got excited after his fight, but that was corny s*it. He got half his soul taken by Lawler, I’ll happily take the rest of it after I win the belt on Saturday.”

Lorenz Larkin faces Douglas Lima for the Bellator MMA welterweight title this Saturday on Bellator NYC.