Welshman Lew Long will headline his second Cage Warriors card of the year in two weeks time when he takes on Roberto Soldic at Cage Warriors 87.

Long was expected to fight on the Cage Warriors 86 fight card two weeks ago in London, but an injury forced him to pull out and he was subsequently moved to the Newport show. Speaking exclusively to MMAUNO.com earlier this week, Long explained exactly what happened.

“I was doing a few weeks of strength and conditioning training to get ready for a six-week camp,” Long said. “As soon as I started my camp though I slipped, missed the box I was jumping onto and cut my shin. I had to have 8-stitches in it and I saw there was the Welsh card four weeks after. I knew it wasn’t worth the hardship and I didn’t want to push myself into a fight that I wasn’t ever going to be ready for.”

Long was scheduled to face Gael Grimaud in London but had his opponent changed to Soldic following his injury. The Welshman seems confident heading into the fight and he’s done his homework on his new opponent.

“I see he’s been fighting out somewhere in Germany,” Long said. “I think he’s only been fighting for about three years. I mean, fair play to the boy, I like his attitude—get in there and get stuck in.

“He’s a southpaw, he’s all power based and he’s probably going to try and take my head off. He’s fought a lot of regional guys and he’s fallen short against people who’ve had a little more experience. So yeah, he’s going to come over and test his skills in a bigger pool of talent and he’s going to be coming unstuck in a big way. To me, he looks like he’s just going to come in there swinging and that he’s got a big left on him. I would have to be stupid to get caught by him.”

“I would have to be stupid to get caught by him.”

Long has been knocking on the door of a Cage Warriors title shot but the champion Karl Amoussou hasn’t been seen or heard of since his win over Matt Inman in February. Long had a theory about where he might be.

“He’s one of the best in the world at hide and seek at the moment,” Long said. “He’s doing incredibly well at it. I think it’s now ranked #1 in the world, no one can find him. No seriously, f*** that guy—f*** guy. What’s his name again?

“He sounds like a f***ing yoghurt. He’s one step away from f***ing petit filous.”

Much has been said in the last 24-hours about BAMMA awarding Richard Kiely a title shot at their welterweight title after just two professional wins. Long didn’t appear to be impressed himself and said he would also like to fight Lohore in the not too distant future.

“I’m the best aren’t I?” Long said, when asked how he rates himself domestically.

“No ifs, no buts, no coconuts—I’m the best welterweight in the UK.

“I’d love to fight Lohore, but for some reason, he’s fighting a guy that’s 2-0.

“I mean, f*** me, surely it’s harder to get a Blue Peter badge than It Is a BAMMA title Shot.”

I mean what’s worth more now? A BAMMA title or a Blue Peter badge?

(Photo: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors)

“I look at Lohore and yeah fair enough he fought Nathan ‘Bag and Tag’, he fought some other good guys, but he was protected. It’s just a pool of people fighting each other and who’re never properly. I’m not calling Alex [Lohore] a bum or anything because I know he’s actually a good fighter, but he’s got to step up and tell people he wants to fight me. When he does that he will get a real fight and we all know he will fall short again. He’s just fighting people that he knows he can beat easily.

“Whatever, f*** them all.”

With the Soldic fight a little over two weeks away, Long is focused on taking him out and getting one more fight in before the end of the year. As far as the UFC goes, the Welshman would like the call to come, but he’s far from waiting by the phone.

“My plan is now to give ‘Salty D***” a whipping and then see if I can sneak in another one before the end of the year,” Long said. “If that 2-0 guy for whatever reason can’t make it then I’ll happily step in on four weeks notice. I don’t walk around heavy so yeah. BAMMA know I want to fight him, Cage Warriors know I want to fight him. Ideally I want one more in before the end of the year.

“It’s been said for years that the UFC will come, but it’s not something I lie awake thinking about. If it comes it comes.”

“Things are going well for me in my life right now and I’ve had a rough few years. I still kept fighting and I’ve only lost once in four years and been getting first round finishes. Soldic isn’t going to last long. I understand you just need to keep paying your dues so I’ll just keep paying them. They’re just going to keep going home in bodybags.”