Mayweather vs McGregor goes down this Saturday in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada but not everyone is excited to see it go down.

Former heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis spoke out this past weekend about the fight and it’s fair to say, he’s not exactly a fan of what’s going to be going down this weekend.

“There is tremendous build-up and hype but I don’t really take it as a serious fight,” Lewis explained to BBC Radio 5 Live. “Nothing is ever obvious when it comes to gimmicks and hype. Mayweather should win it.”

Lewis was then asked what he makes of Mayweather moving to 50-0 as a professional boxer if he does beat the Irishman. The British champion didn’t appear to believe it should count given McGregor’s background and he instead begged the question whether the Irishman would use any illegal MMA moves during the fight.

“I wouldn’t count a fight like this as a ‘fight’,” Lewis said. “He’s basically boxing a guy that is a UFC fighter and not a boxer. Everybody wants to know what’s going to happen.

“Is McGregor going to throw a kick because, obviously when he resorts to boxing and realises he is no match for Mayweather, what will he do? How will he get around that?”

He then doubled down on his questioning of the legitimacy of the fight. He also added that he won’t be watching on Saturday night unless he’s working the event.

“No other boxers from 49 fights have figured out how to beat Mayweather – now a UFC fighter that doesn’t even have a boxing career is trying to beat him at boxing.

“I think it’s a farce to a certain degree.”

“I don’t think it is a fight that I am going to jump on a plane and go to see unless they pay me to commentate on it.”