KSW are known for their crazy shots and last night’s KSW 40 was no exception.

Poland’s #1 MMA organization were hosting an event in Ireland for the first time last evening and in the co-main event a rematch from KSW 39 was scheduled between bitter rivals Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot.

In the first fight, Gamrot got win in controversial circumstances when he was given the nod on the judges’ scorecards in a close affair that included a hand biting incident that went unpunished.

Last evening the feud was supposed to be buried, but no one could’ve seen what would materialize.

The bout was previously scheduled to take place of five, five-minute rounds, but after Parke missed weight on the Friday, the fight was rebooked a non-title fight with three, five-minute rounds.

Prior to the fight, Parke had lambasted Gamrot for his wrestling based tactics in the first fight and he challenged him to stand and trade with him in the centre of the cage.

Surprisingly, Gamrot accepted Parke’s challenge with open arms and for the first round the two went toe-to-toe trading as if they were in a phone box.

During the wild exchanges in the opening five-minutes, the action had to be paused on two occasions with Gamrot hitting Parke with both a low blow and an eye poke.

Thankfully on both occasions the action continued, but in the second round, the two continued to stand and trade leather and Gamrot hit Parke with another awful looking eye poke.

The incident was replayed on the big screen and while the doctor checked Parke over, a fight in the crowd started and things started to boil over.

Officials cageside rushed to the fights in the crowd as stewards quickly surrounded the incident, but meanwhile in the cage, the fight was called off and Parke exploded.

With his right eye almost completely shut, Parke marched across to Gamrot’s corner incensed at what had happened and with the crowd outside still unsettled.

As Parke confronted Gamrot, he pushed a member of his corner team, remonstrating at what had just transpired. One of the Polish champion’s cornermen proceeded to punch the Northern Irishman clean on the jaw.

Things then exploded with both camps angry, but thankfully KSW officials were able to restore order both inside and outside of the cage.

The fight was then announced as a no contest.

We will update our report when possible.