KSW has provided a statement about the Mateusz Gamrot vs Norman Parke fight that ended in a no contest last Sunday evening:


Following the events after the conclusion of Mateusz Gamrot and Norman Parke rematch at KSW 40 in Dublin, KSW Federation have decided fine both Gamrot and Parke and ban Bilman from KSW events for a particular amount of time.

Since it was Norman Parke who started the scuffle, as he approached the corner of his opponent and then pushed away Borys Mańkowski, he will be fined for this unprofessional behaviour.

KSW Federation condemns the reaction of Marcin Bilman, one of Gamrot’s cornermen, who hit Norman Parke. There is no place in KSW for such unsportsmanlike actions, both from fighters and their cornermen. Such behaviour is very different from the professional standards that KSW Federation requires from its fighters.

As a result, Marcin Bilman will be banned from cornering fighters on KSW shows for 9 months, while Mateusz Gamrot will be fined as he is responsible for the behaviour of his cornermen.

*** Author Opinion***

We are now five days removed from the event and it’s good to see that KSW took their time in reviewing the situation outside the immediate emotions of fight night.

From my standpoint, both Parke and Gamrot deserve yo be fined.

Parke missing weight was unprofessional and by the letter of the law, he should be fined.

Marc Goddard was the man closest to the action and as a world-class referee, we should respect his jurisdiction that Gamrot’s fouls were unintentional. What we know for a fact though is that Gamrot acted unprofessionally both in the immediate aftermath and the days following the event.

Emotions ran high both inside and outside of the cage during the fight, thus Gamrot’s decision to taunt Parke from across the cage when the fight was called off could perhaps be forgiven. What shouldn’t be overlooked, however, is his decision to take to social media and congratulate his teammate Bilman for sucker punching Parke after he pushed Mankowski.

That was indefensible and I hope KSW have recognised this and spoken to their champion about promoting a better image for the promotion and the sport as a whole.

Hopefully, this can now all be put to one side and both fighters can move on. A third fight between the two should happen down the line, but perhaps we should get a bit of momentum back in the sails of both men and let them take on some fresh faces next.


Included in the release from KSW, referee Marc Goddard and Glen Ellis of Code Blue provided their statements:

Marc Goddard – the referee of Gamrot vs Parke 2

From KSW request I can confirm the following. In the first round Parke sustained a low blow from Gamrot. This was done mid combination and in the natural ebb and flow of the fight – both fighters were exchanging punches and inside low kicks. I called the time out and gave Norman the required time until he was happy to continue. In the same round a stray hand – again in mid combination connected with Parke. I was sure that the hand was open and a finger had glanced the eye – I again intervened to give Norman adequate recovery time but also calling in the Dr to inspect. He assured me of no injury and the fight was allowed to continue. The first round ended without further incident. The second round began as the first ended – at a very fast and exciting pace.

Again as both Fighters where exchanging, I noticed Gamrot move back with his left arm extended and his hand open in defence. I noticed that his hand had drawn across the face of Parke and contact was made with the right eye. I immediately called time and saw that Norman was in discomfort. I again called in the Dr for his expert opinion. The Dr confirmed that he believed there to be a potential injury to the eye and that Norman’s vision was indeed impaired. I immediately called off the bout and as always I knew and was sure of my decision.

I knew even in real time and as Gamrot moved back and attempted his own exchange the left hand was open and was in no way intentionally aimed as a direct finger to Norman’s eye. As the fight had not complete two rounds of a three round contest and indeed the finger unintentional it must end as a no contest under the unified rules of MMA that the fight was contested under. It is always an unfortunate end to a fight in this manner, particularly this one as it was being fought at such a fast pace with neither fighter taking a backward step. It was a very entertaining bout up until that point and as I deemed on the night Gamrot, in particular at the pace and place of the fight-ending foul was I now way acting intentionally to injure or cause illegal harm to his opponent

Glen Ellis – Code Blue

I have spoken to the cage side doctor attending Sunday nights event (22nd October 2017) in the 3 Arena. He has informed me of the following:

On a request by the referee for the 2nd occasion to examine the eye of Norman Parke, I did so and identified that Norman’s vision was impaired and he could not see from the right eye. There was also a laceration on the eyebrow above the right eye. Due to the fact that Norman had absent vision in the right eye I had no option but to stop the fight. Subsequent to the post-fight medical examination, Norman was transferred to the Emergency Opthamologist in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Eccles Street, Dublin 7 for urgent review.