KSW touched down in the Dublin, Ireland for the first time in their history last evening and they didn’t fail to live up the hype.

The show was sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes fantastic, sometimes ugly, but never was it dull.

Covering and experiencing a KSW show is like nothing else in the sport. The production and effort that the promotion put into making the show feeling like a grand spectacle will never cease to amaze. Whether it’s in front of 58,000 in a football stadium, or just a packed out 3 Arena in Dublin, KSW never fail to set the stage for their fighters and more often than not the athletes rise to the occasion.

Hands down, KSW beat all other promotions when it comes to making their events feel special, but let’s not shy away from the fact that like all other promotions, they aren’t perfect.

Being Critical

KSW isn’t the highest level of MMA and the fact they quite evidently lack a drug testing program means they can’t even be talked about being in the running.

Last evening’s headliner, while fun at times, was more akin to a professional wrestling bout with the odd high spot of amazing strength showcased by former world’s strongest man, Mariusz Pudzianowski.

While predictable in it’s outcome and a little slow paced by the third round, it was still fun and there’s no denying that all attendance were still very into the action by the time the end of the third round came about.

Some Amazing Performances

Putting the slightly ridiculous main event to one side, there were some phenomenal performances at KSW 40.

Paul Redmond’s win over Lukas Chlewicki was very well earned and “Redser” was pushed by the Pole throughout the fight. Given Redmond is skilled both on the feet and on the mat he must be a tricky opponent to face and to his credit Chlewicki did well to fire back with the odd nice counter. It’s a good win for Redmond and it opens up a nice variety of options for him as a free agent.

Chris Fields’ arms must be aching today but he must feel pretty good having put in the performance he did last evening. He looked dominant against Fijalka and in the second he must have felt very unlucky not to have been able to get the submission with the D’arce he was working on for over two minutes. Again, like Chlewicki, Fijalka was a gritty Polish fighter and he didn’t let Fields get away without rallying a bit in the third round. it’s going to be interesting to see how far Fields can go under the KSW banner.

Ariane Lipski also looked fantastic Marianna Morais and it took her just 50-seconds to put her opponent away after being taken down herself early on. Lipski really does look like a flyweight that belongs at the highest level and with the majority of the top women’s 125-pounds now heading to the newly established UFC women’s flyweight division, it could just be a matter of time before we see Lipski get in the mix.

The Controversy

Can we not just get a straight up fight between Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot? Apparently not, but let’s be clear, before the mess of an ending it was a great contest.

You can check out the blow-by-blow HERE, but analysing the situation almost a day on it’s worth putting it all into context where the fight was heading.

We’ve yet to see the cards, but Gamrot should’ve been heading for a clear two rounds lead going into round three (20-18).

However, it was very evident that Gamrot was slowing down markedly towards the end of the second and his constant checking of the clock throughout round two gave the impression of a man who wasn’t all that happy that Parke was still hanging with him and pushing the pace.

Whether Gamrot would’ve totally gassed in round three remains to be seen and the lack of closure on this feud is frustrating for all involved.

Do we want to see it a third time? I would watch it, but seemingly both men aren’t interested. The madness going on in the stands whilst all this was happening wasn’t something you ever want to see, but with the emotions of the evening and the alcohol being consumed it was hardly a surprise.

The ending of the co-main whilst undesired, was KSW all over. It was dramatic, chaotic and had you on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next.

That in a nutshell is KSW and it’s probably why anyone watching last evening will happily part with their cash again the next time they roll into town.