Kevin Lee is just days departed from his defeat to Tony Ferguson, but he’s shown great maturity since his loss at UFC 216.

All the talk since the fight has been about whether or not Ferguson will get the opportunity to unify the UFC lightweight against the current champion, Conor McGregor. 

Despite his issues with Ferguson in the build up to their fight last weekend, If it was up to Lee, Ferguson would be the next man to face the Irishman.

“It should happen, It should,” Lee told Chael Sonnen on his ‘You’re Welcome’ podcast. “In any other sport or in any other situation, that’s the fight to make happen. But, like really, speaking as a fan, as a fan of the sport, I don’t know man, I don’t think Conor wants those problems.”

Lee went on to praise Ferguson for his performance last weekend and admitted he learned a lot in defeat. 

He then went on to explain that he doesn’t think McGregor will want anything to do with Ferguson and that his team may try engineer him into a third fight with Nate Diaz instead.

“Tony is a motherf***er.”

“I said it before the fight, Tony can fight and Tony can take a helluva shot,” Lee said. “I hit him with some big shots that I thought would like faze him or cut him, but the man just wouldn’t quit. He’s got no quit in him.

“I knew before the fight, but especially after being in there with him and I put my hands on him, I’ll tell you now he’s got no quit in him. I don’t know if McGregor really wants that. I don’t think McGregor’s folks are going to be too happy with him getting that matchup. I think they’re more going to push for the Diaz match as much as they can. 

“McGregor may come out and say he wants the Tony fight, but I don’t see that happening if I’m honest with you.”