Both Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson are heading into UFC 216 with a lot of confidence and it seems that both men genuinely believe they have big advantages over the other.

The #7 ranked UFC lightweight Kevin Lee joined the UFC Unfiltered podcast earlier this week and explained why he believes he will be victorious over Ferguson on Saturday night. The “Mo Town Phenom” went on to explain that it’s their skillsets and training that he believes sets them apart.

“When I look at our skills and I break it down, Tony is super aggressive and that’s what he relies on,” Lee said. “Even in fights, you say he’s won ten fights in a row, I look at a lot of them man and you know he could’ve lost a lot of those. He was getting his ass whooped by Abel [Trujillo], he was getting his ass whipped by dos Anjos, and those dudes… Look, I give Tony a whole lot of respect and that’s hard to come by. He was even just trying to fight Werdum and he’s like three times his size. Look I give Tony a lot of respect, but when I break down our skills, I look at it and I see that all that craziness, look, it doesn’t, I’m sorry, but he’s going to get whooped.

“He’s talking about training like a caveman, but there’s a reason why cavemen are extinct.”

“They don’t last that long. All it’s going to let him do is, running in the woods with bears, all that’s going to do is let him take a longer ass whooping. I don’t think he’s gone back and accepted his skills and I don’t think that he’d filled the holes in his game and I’m going to go out there and show his holes.”

Ferguson has made his own confidence apparent for all to see and he’s predicting that he will finish Lee on Saturday night. Lee, however, isn’t concerned about whether Ferguson is taking him lightly and instead is just focused on implementing his own gameplan and getting the job done.

“That’s up to him,” Lee said. “If he don’t want to then he’s going to see. I’m taking this like it’s the biggest fight of my life. If he don’t [take me seriously] then I love easy money so we will see.”

It’s all eyes on the T-Mobile Arena to see who gets the interim UFC lightweight title strapped around their waist on Saturday night.