Being the son of the legendary “Kimbo Slice” puts plenty of pressure on the shoulders of Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr., but you would never have sensed it given his laidback attitude.

Ferguson Jr. yesterday caught up with after a session at the Team Bodyshop MMA gym in Lakewood, California. As usual, Ferguson Jr. seemed confident and relaxed having picked up the first win of his professional career back in London in March and he’s now back in the gym preparing for his next fight.

“I’m back here training and getting ready for my next fight and helping A.J. [McKee] and Joey [Davis] get ready for their fights on August 26,” Ferguson Jr. said. “It’s just back to the drawing board.”

While nothing has been officially announced, it’s Ferguson Jr. is expected to fight on the Bellator card taking place in Dublin, Ireland on November 10. Speaking yesterday, Ferguson Jr. didn’t commit to the date, but did mention he would like to fight on the card.

“We’re looking at October or November to get back in there and hopefully I can 155,” Ferguson Jr. said. “I’m trying to take that belt, well Chandler doesn’t have it anymore, but whoever has it in the next year or two, I’m going to take that belt from them.”

“I love [fighting] overseas and they love me over there. They know my name, they know my Dad’s name and he made a big name for himself and for me. I’m going to continue that legacy and I’m just ready to put on a show, put in that hard work and I’m going to let it all out in my next fight.”

While happy to celebrate and embrace the legacy his Dad left on the support, Ferguson Jr. said that he’s looking to make his own mark and further build the Slice name.

“I’m definitely going to take the Slice name to the next level,” Ferguson Jr. said. “My Dad was just a stand up fighter so all he did was keep it on the feet and he didn’t like going to the ground and he didn’t throw no kicks.

“Me, I’m different. I’m going to go in for a takedown and look for a submission if it’s there. If it’s not, I’m going to stick with the ground and pound and throw kicks here and there.

“I think I’m evolving the Slice name and taking it to the next level.”