Kamaru Usman fights this weekend at UFC Pittsburgh when he takes on Sergio Moraes on the main card.

The 29-year-old is currently an eight fight win streak and is fast approaching title contention with wins over the likes of Leon Edwards, Alexander Yakovlev, Warlley Alves and Sean Strickland in his last four bouts.

His preparation for this fight on Saturday could potentially have been thwarted due to Hurricane Irma passing through the State of Florida, thankfully, Usman’s camp has gone to plan despite the recent weather condition and the break up of the Blazkzilians training base earlier this year.

“With that whole situation, nothing really changed for me,” Usman said, speaking to the UFC Unfiltered Podcast. “I’ve only been doing this four years and my jiu-jitsu coach has always been George Santiago [and] my striking coach has always been Henri Hooft, so none of that’s changing. They’ve all kinda gone their separate ways which is the evolution of life. People want to be there own boss and you can’t be upset about that and you can’t be mad at that.

“Henri was doing a good job with the striking so we continued to want to train with him. George Santiago is doing a good job with my jiu-jitsu so I continued to want to train with him. Nothing really changed for me. I still train with Michael Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Gilbert, Durinho. It’s just the venue that changed.”

Despite retiring earlier year, talk of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson returning to the UFC is never far away. Usman confirmed that Johnson is still training with him and that he does appear to still have some urge to fight left in him.

“Yeah I still talk to Rumble,” Usman said. “There’s are core guys that are like brothers who I trained with each and every time and I came into the sport [with them]. Guys like Rumble and Rashad Evans. So yeah, Rumble is still, we actually do strength and conditioning togeher so throughout this camp he would come in and do strength and conditioning with me.

“You will have seen pictures of me and Rumble doing strength and conditioning, but yeah, he can only run away from this for so long until you feel content with it.

“Mentally I think he wants to be content with being away from it, but every now and then he will still get that itch to come in and punch somebody in the face.”

Usman refused to confirm whether he’d talk to Johnson about a return, but he did have quite a precise answer to what he thinks it would take to get him back into the UFC Octagon.

“Hypothetically speaking, for the UFC to get somebody like him back inside of the cage, you’re going to have to treat him like the guy that he is; the guy that cleaned out his division in under a minute each and ever time with just a number of punches,” Usman said.

“So I think, at worst you’re going to have to put seven figures up to get him back in there.

“I’m thinking a good million and there’s a possibility you could get him back in there.”