Will Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier ever bury the hatchet and put their feud to one side?

The answer is probably not, but Jones at least appears to be done bad mouthing his long term rival. After defeating Daniel Cormier via third round TKO at UFC 214, Jones has been doing a mini media tour in New York this week to celebrate him regaining the UFC light heavyweight title.

One of the stops he made yesterday was to the Sports Illustrated offices where he spoke about his rivalry with Cormier. The memes of the former champion crying floating around on social media also hadn’t escaped the attention of the new UFC champion.

“I haven’t spoken to [Cormier] since the fight,” Jones said [transcribed by TheMacLife]. “I would imagine deep down he doesn’t like me still. I mean this fight meant everything to him … this is his life’s work and the fans are so brutal. They put his whole athletic career on this one fight. It’s like dude you never really were because you couldn’t beat the number one guy.

“I know it has to be hard for him to be listening to kind of the fans and there have been so many memes that I’ve been seeing on the internet of him crying and stuff like that so I’m sure that he has some type of sore feelings when it comes to me.”

Jones that implied that he’d now like to be able to have more of a courteous relationship with Cormier. Having been going back and forth at each other for the best part of three years, it would certainly make quite the change for the both of them.

“I would love to be at a place with him where we can respect each other, work together, I can show up to his charity events in the future, same he can do for me. You know I would love to have that, you know, open communication with him.

“We’ve been part of each other’s lives for two years, you know he’s been the only thing I’ve talked about for two years and vice versa. I feel connected to him forever, it’d be nice to be able to call him up and check on him here or there.”