The ‘B’ sample from Jon Jones’ PED test failure on July 28 at UFC 214 has arrived and it has also confirmed the presence of the banned substance, Turinabol.

ESPN broke the news late last evening and in their report they included a statement from a United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) spokesperson:

“Mr. Jones ‘B’ sample has confirmed the ‘A’ sample findings.”

“Importantly, as previously stated, due process should occur before drawing any conclusions about this matter.”

The news follows the initial report released 4 weeks after UFC 214 when it was announced that Jones has tested positive for the banned substance. At UFC 214, Jones of course defeated Daniel Cormier to reclaim the UFC light heavyweight title and won via vicious third round knockout.

Jones has since denied knowingly taking any banned substance and it’s believed that he and his team of advisors are currently doing everything they can trace where the drug may have entered his system.

The ‘B’ sample coming back positive should really come as no surprise to anyone. Speaking at a media scrum on the day the news broke, VP of athlete health and performance for the UFC, Jeff Novitzky, stated that in the cases that an athlete has tested positive, USADA will be over 99% confident that their testing is accurate.

Jones has yet to be stripped of the UFC light heavyweight title by the UFC, neither has the result of the fight between him and Cormier been changed to a ‘No Contest’. Given the result of the ‘B’ sample today, it’s likely both of those things could change in the near future.