Johny Hendricks faces Paulo Borrachinha this weekend at UFC 217 and he’s a man under pressure.

Hendricks has lost four of his last five fights and walks into the bout knowing that he’s fighting for his UFC future.

Speaking to reporters at the UFC 217 media day today, Hendricks admitted that he’s feeling the strain and that he knows he has to get his hand raised on Saturday.

“The more pressure you can put on me the better,” Hendricks said. “So that’s really where my head has been. I’ve got a lot of pressure on me for this fight and as you can tell it’s weighing me down a lot.

“I always rise to the occasion though when it comes to that and right now, my head is only in one place: do everything we’ve trained and it will be a great fight for me.”

“I really do believe that. I can’t stress that enough. I’m ready, I’m ready.”