Joanna Jedrzejczyk is one of the UFC’s most dominant champions, but fans better make the most of her while she’s around because she’s got some big plans in place post-retirement.

Speaking on the ‘Fight Strength Podcast’ hosted by ATT’s Phil Daru and co-host Jason Burgos this past week, Jedrzejczyk revealed her plans for her post-UFC career.

“I want to go back to climbing, I used to do climbing,” Jedrzejczyk said. “I used to take pictures, actually, after my last fight I bought a nice camera so I want to go back to taking nice pictures. I love good food you know. I love good wine and I love good coffee so I want to have my own coffee shop in Poland with gluten free stuff because when I prepare for a fight, I eat only gluten free stuff and I love this.

“Of course, after the fight I love Italian food so I eat pastas and I love sweets, but during the camp there is no excuses. If Sean Shelby called me today and said, ‘Joanna you are fighting this and that day’ I would like, until midnight, eat what I want, but the next day I would stop until the fight and eat clean and good stuff. I’m happy and I’m glad that I work with Perfecting Athletes they’re amazing people. Michelle and Paulina are very smart people and they’re the best in the business and I hope everyone could work with them.”

Jedrzejczyk won’t just be focusing on herself when she hangs up the 4oz gloves. The Polish champions wants to give talented young people the opportunity to showcase their skills and she announced the launch of her own foundation.

“So yeah, I want to have my own coffee shop and I want to be barista and sommelier, but I also want to be around the sport,” Jedrzejczyk said. “I’m about to open my own foundation and I want help young kids and teenagers to become someone. I don’t want to just be focused on sick people. I want to make money for sick people as well, but I also help talented kids and teenagers because I know how difficult it is to have your dreams close and be talented, but not have any money yeah?

“I’m happy that I can share this and that I have good partners, good financial partners that can put up great money and help these kids to become someone. I don’t want to just be focused on sport, but also other different disciplines in life.”

The time on Jedrzejczyk’s UFC career may be counting down, but she’s already got her eyes set on another combat sports title. Women wishing to compete in the ADCC Championship’s in the coming years may want to recognize that Jedrzejczyk could be mixing it up with them sooner rather than later.

“I promised to my fiancé that maybe one, two, three more fights and I will stop travelling the camps because it’s difficult,” Jedrzejczyk said. “In my head I want to become an ADCC champion one day. I love jiu-jitsu so much and ,maybe people they don’t see me fighting jiu-jitsu so much during my fights. They don’t see my jiu-jitsu too much, but I love jiu-jitsu and I’m happy that I can train with Gezary Matuda, she’s amazing, and other people, but I really love this.

“I dunno, maybe for fun one day I will try to get to ADCC and win the competition.”