An Irish singer by the name of Mick Konstantin has landed a trip of a lifetime to see Mayweather vs McGregor in Las Vegas after his song ‘There’s Only One Conor McGregor’ went viral earlier this week.

Konstantin’s catchy tune quickly did the rounds on social media and has amassed several millions of views across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The chorus, which will no doubt be sung to death by the travelling Irish in two weeks time states:

“There’s only one Conor McGregor,
And there’s no fighter better,
And he’s going to knock out Floyd Mayweather
So Floyd watch out Floyd cause the Irish are coming,
You can talk all you want,
But you’ll do Fookin nutin”

It’s an incredible song documenting the Irishman’s’ rise to stardom and he confirmed in a one-on-one interview with Ariel Helwani yesterday that he’d heard the song and of course loved it.

“It’s one hell of a song, it’s a very catchy song,” McGregor said with a smile on his face. We actually reached out to the guy. “We are booking him a flight, him plus one, bring him over to the fight, get him tickets and put him up in a hotel. I’ll meet him maybe after the fight. It’s one hell of a song.

(Timestamp 9:50)

“I’m going to bring him in as a thank you for the support. What a song, it’s the journey in music form.”

At least there’s one good feel good story to be had on a day dominated by knockdown talk, racism dismissals and back and forth social media baiting.