Back in June, Heather Hardy got the ball rolling at Bellator MMA’s first ever show in Madison Square Garden, New York and she had the crowd on their feet as she finished Alice Yauger with just 13-seconds left in the final round of her MMA debut.

The boxing world champion capped off a brave performance with a scintillating final flurry to put Yauger away as blood streamed down her face from a cut that was opened just a minute before following a clash of heads.

Hardy looked every bit the superstar as the crowd rose to their feet and celebrated her victory, but speaking with this past week, Hardy explained that it’s a been a slow process convincing some of the TV executives in the boxing world of her value.

“The TV executives haven’t always wanted to give me a shot, but with the help of people like Lou Dibella, I think things are changing and they are becoming more receptive to females fighting,” Hardy said. “I don’t know whether they thought I was too old or maybe that I just wasn’t good enough.

“Spike TV say I’m good enough. Bellator say I’m good enough.”

“I’m hoping the demand from the fans is going to show that I am good enough and that it doesn’t matter that I’m 35-years-old. It’s a different time and it’s not 1965. I’m not just a 35-year-old that smokes a pack a day you know. I take care of my body and I can perform like I’m 25.”

Hardy’s next fight is yet to be announced, but the mother of one is still keeping up her training. The WBC International female featherweight title holder may have started MMA later than most other women, but she’s more determined than ever to sharped up all areas of her game following her successful debut.

“Even if I don’t have a fight date I’m training just as hard,” Hardy said. “I have to admit, I eat a little worse than I would do if I was training for a fight and I’d have to go on a diet, but that aside, I’m still training in the gym everyday.

“Sometimes I even train two or three times a day and I’m still working super hard on my jiu-jitsu and my wrestling. I travel out to Renzo’s to train once or twice a week with sparring partners so I’m getting tons of work in this summer.”