No one can doubt Gilbert Melendez’s bravery after UFC 215.

On Saturday night Melendez went through the pain barrier and put on an incredibly brave performance in his featherweight debut against Jeremy Stephens.

Melendez took damage to his lead leg very early on in the first round, but battled through the full 15-minutes despite being dropped to the mat multiple times throughout with his leg giving way.

Stephens’ kicks caused Melendez’s leg to swell up instantly and it appears that 24-hours after the fight, it looks even worse. Keri Melendez, Gilbert’s wife, updated fans on his condition yesterday evening on social media.

Thankfully, it appears the damage is only soft-tissue, but suffice to say it doesn’t look great.

(Photo: @KeriMelendez)
(Photo: @KeriMelendez)

Keri replied to fans expressing their concern and put to rest any fears that he’d sustained any long lasting damage.

Hey All. Everyone is asking about Gilbert’s leg. Here is a pic today. He is doing A ok. Thank you to all for the support. We feel the love