Girl Gets Called A “Sexy John Cena”, Slams Hater Into The Underworld


Some girls take being called ‘sexy’ as a compliment while others completely lose their sh*t at the term for some reason and turn nasty. The girl in this video definitely falls into category number two…

It’s unclear if this pair of chicks had beef prior to this showdown but this scrap apparently kicked off after the girl in the pink top called the girl in the green sports bra a “Sexy John Cena.”

 The result of such an outrageous insult (/nice thing to say) is this intense 16-second clip. In it, both girls are wildly swinging fists, looking for that haymaker but not really connecting, until Green-Sports-Bra-Chick catches Pink Top with a solid left hook.

She immediately follows that up by going for a level change and a two-legged takedown but instead of tackling her, decides to pick the hapless girl up and bodyslam her into the goddamn concrete!

The girl filming this chaotic scene appears unable to do anything but quietly say “Oh sheeit, oh sheeit,” over and over while Green-Sports-Bra-Chick goes to work with some heavy ground-and-pound. And when I say heavy ground-and-pound, I truly mean heavy ground-and-pound; this chick throws haymakers like they are going out of fashion!

Finally, mercifully, someone tells her to give it a rest and the savage beating comes to an end. Pink Top is left with a sore…well, a sore everything, probably.

She must’ve wondered what the fu*k she did to deserve such a hiding. One thing’s for sure, though, she won’t be calling Green-Sports-Bra-Chick a Sexy John Cena anymore!

Cena memes have been all the rage for the last couple of years, particularly ones involving his catchphrase; “You can’t see me!” I wonder if Sexy John Cena memes are the next big thing…