Frankie Edgar looks set to be the next man to challenge for the UFC featherweight title and he’s expecting the date of his showdown to be announced soon.

Speaking with Cyrus Fees, his co-commentator for Brave CF this past weekend, Edgar confirmed that his next opponent would be Holloway, but that Conor McGregor was still a man he was hoping to fight one day.

“The thing is for me, I don’t want to fight anybody that doesn’t have a title wrapped round their waist,” Edgar said. “Max [Holloway] is my number on interest, but Conor [McGregor], that’s a dream fight, but it comes with a lot of extracurriculars I guess you could say. That be an amazing opportunity, but first things first I want to focus on Max and get this damn fight signed and get going.”

No bout agreements have been signed yet for a fight with the UFC featherweight champion, but Edgar stated it was a matter of formality and that he was expecting the fight to be announced soon.

“It’s not official yet, but we are going to get a date and me and Holloway are going to throw down and fight for that featherweight title,” Edgar said. “He’s on a tear, he’s a young kid and he posses a lot of skills. Like you said, he’s very long, rangey, almost six-foot tall, he brings a lot of pressure on the feet and he’s very crafty off his back in jiu-jitsu, and on top. He doesn’t have a lot of weak areas, but I’m going to scout through him myself and go out there, put the pressure on him and make things happen.”

While he awaits his date, Edgar says he will remain in the gym working hard and preparing to take out the featherweight champion.

“I’m in the gym just trying to get better right now,” Edgar said. “I know this fight is going to get announced soon so I’m kind of maintaining my condition and so once I get the final date I can really put the pedal to the metal.”

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