Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Fight Nights Global pop up with another crazy sequence of events at one of their shows.

FNG 73 this evening was headlined by a featherweight bout pitting The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 winner Diego Brandao against Russian fighter, Akhmed Aliev.

All looked normal round one, but midway through round two the craziness started.

Brandao was taken down to the mat and Aliev was in top position looking to advance in the Brazilian’s guard. As they jostled for position, Brandao seemed to be none to happy with something Aliev was doing, replays suggest he was either complaining of a headbutt or Aliev gouging his eyes.

Nonetheless, when the referee paused the action, Brandao immediately kicked out at Alievs’s neck, got to his feet and made a beeline for the cage door. After a few unsuccessful attempts to have the cage door opened, the Brazilian then scaled the cage and left the fighting arena.

All hell broke loose at cageside as fans chucked trash into the cage, but thankfully a near riot was avoided and Brandao eventually made his way back into it. Aliev was then announced the winner of the bout by TKO (retirement) at three minutes and thirty-four seconds of the second round.

What a bizarre set of circumstances. Only in Russia.