Eddie Alvarez
(Image credit: Esther Lin /MMA Fighting)

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez knows a thing or two about the power of Conor McGregor and thinks the Irishman has a “real” chance of knocking out Floyd Mayweather on August 26.

With just a little more than a month until the fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, there have already heard predictions about the outcome of the fight, and Alvarez is the latest to have given his two cents.

The man who last challenged “McGregor’s path to greatness” spoke to Brett Okamoto on his ESPN podcast5ive Rounds“, and the former champion said that McGregor should be totally ruled out on August 26.

“Conor has about three or four rounds to get this done,” Alvarez said. “Within those four rounds, if you don’t think Conor can knock this guy out, you’re an idiot or you just don’t know fighting because it can very well happen. If he doesn’t get it done by then, then it could look very one-sided. The technical boxing of Floyd Mayweather is enough to make it look really one-sided for him. But Conor, there is a very real chance that he can put him away.”

Alvarez said he’ll be attending the event, perhaps thinking of his own loss to McGregor at UFC 205 where he was knocked out in the second round. As for his future, the Philadelphia native is scheduled to coach the next season of “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF 26) against Justin Gaethje.